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What is SYMLOG?

SYMLOG is a "SYstem for the Multiple Level Observation of Groups".

The system was initially developed through forty-five years of research in the Department of Psychology and Social Relations at Harvard University. One purpose for the in-depth studies was to better understand effective leadership, group dynamics, and superior team performance. The results of the investigation include a comprehensive theory of social interaction; a highly refined measurement system; and a set of precise tools for analyzing and improving effectiveness for people who live and work in groups of all sizes. The system is currently in use worldwide. In further detail:

SYMLOG is a highly refined and compact set of survey instruments …

The instruments contain 26 descriptive items which probe and assess key factors known to directly influence effectiveness. One form of the instrument (Individual and Organizational Values) probes current and optimal values while another form (Interpersonal Behaviors) identifies current and most effective behaviors for the specific situation. All assessment and custom feedback is tied to a research base made up of over 1,000,000 profiles acquired in 17 languages in over sixty countries.

SYMLOG is a method for repeated measures and ongoing feedback for continuous improvement …

Once a baseline has been established, the system can be used over and over to assess changes and highlight improvements. Repeated measures and feedback help to guide and sustain development efforts. When SYMLOG is applied properly, increasing effectiveness becomes the goal. Improvement becomes the standard. Higher performance is the outcome.

SYMLOG is a powerful theory and set of professional methods for improving performance …

The theory and methods have been subject to many years of careful research and various applications inside demanding corporations such as Microsoft, Toyota, IBM, Citibank, and Mercedes Benz in places as diverse as Japan, South Africa, Iran, Brunei, and Argentina. Over fifty universities have contributed to SYMLOG's exceptional results for improving leadership, teamwork, and organizational effectiveness.

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