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Customer Relations


Organizational members and internal/external customers rate relationship

This workshop is appropriate to use with groups and organizations that wish to assess the quality of their interaction with their customer/s, gather insight into the perceived needs and expectations of that customer base, and examine how the group or organization attempts to meet those customer/client needs. The focus of the workshop is on the current level of interaction, and what is needed in the future for the interaction to be more effective. Target groups might include functional areas with joint responsibilities, groups working on issues of diversity and integration, different levels of management that need better communication and collaboration, and the like.

The survey results are intended for examination and discussion with members of the groups meeting together in a session ranging from four (4) hours to one day. Action planning or other issues as appropriate could be raised and integrated into the session.

Please Note: The Customer Relations survey is currently only available in American English.

Questions Organization Participants rate:
  • CCR: In general, what kinds of values does your group currently show toward customers?
  • CXP: In general, what kinds of values do you expect your significant clients or customers would rate your organization as showing toward them?
  • FCR: In general, what kinds of values need to be shown by your group towards customers in the future in order to be most effective?
Questions Customer Participants rate:
  • CRC: In general, what kinds of values are currently shown towards you as a customer of this group?
  • FRC: In general, what kinds of values need to be shown by this group towards you as a customer in the future in order for this group to be most effective?
Available Programs:
  Organization Rates   Customers Rate
CRa: CCR, FCR, CXP (standard program)
CRC, FRC (standard program)

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